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     In the long development course, Zhejiang International Economic& Technical Cooperation Co., Ltd. has gone through persistent pursuit and creation, and formed its unique enterprise culture, which represents enterprise values, enterprise spirit and cultural atmosphere of an international company.      Every staff of the international company deeply understands it and has continuously enterprising confidence; therefore, it plays a very important role in healthy and sustainable development of this enterprise. Human-oriented culture is the cornerstone of culture of the international company, which gives prominence to dominant positions of humans, respects humans, care about humans and cultivate humans to show staffs’ value. Clear "operating target, operating idea, operating principle and enterprise spirit" constitute the core values of the international company. It cultivates staffs’ moral and behavioral norms, so that staffs have a sense of recognition and strong sense of belonging; all staffs are inspired to acquire continuously enterprising determination and confidence. Enterprise culture forged by the international company is a vigorous guarantee to attract talents, attach importance to talents and enhance company cohesion, improves its overall competitiveness and serves as the kernel of long-term sustainable and stable development of the international company.

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